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Your Guide to Melbourne Airport

October 14, 2013 / 1001 /

Australia is known to be amongst the most beautiful countries to visit and has some of the busiest airports in the world. All of its airports are well connected to international destinations and provide many services for travelers.

Places like Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and others are on the wish list of all avid travelers; Melbourne especially gets a large number of tourists. Traveling through Melbourne is easy due to the simple access to cheap car rentals at the Melbourne airport. If you have planned a visit to Melbourne, which has the second busiest airport in the world, then this guide to Melbourne Airport is going to help you a lot. Here you go:

Cheap car rental in Melbourne

The moment you land at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport, the very first thing to draw in your attention is the cheapest car rental in Melbourne airport. You will get complete guideline about cheap car rental in Melbourne airport at the terminals. The Arrival Halls of both T1 Domestic i.e. Qantas & Jetstar; and T3 Domestic comprising of Virgin Blue and Regional Express have car rental desks. Hiring a car calls for a very simple process wherein you have to make the booking at the desired car rental office and you will be provided with all the required information via email. Once you move out of the airport in a rented car you can freely roam about in the beautiful Victorian countryside and sample cosmopolitan Melbourne.

Melbourne Airlines, Terminals & Gates

The airport is being used by 20 international, five domestic and six freight airlines. There are three terminals utilized as an international terminal, Terminal Two (T2), that has 16 gates and the other two domestic terminals have 46 gates. The Terminal One (T1) is mainly used by Qantas and Jetstar whileTerminal Three (T3) is used by Virgin Blue.

E-check in facilities are available for both Qantas and Virgin Blue domestic flights. The domestic airlines offering VIP lounges at the Melbourne airport are The Blue Room by Virgin Blue which is on T3 (mezzanine floor) and The Qantas Club by Qantas on T1, which is on the first floor. You will find all the international airlines with VIP lounges on T2, first floor and after Customs. These include Cathay Pacific at CP First Class Lounge, Malaysia Airlines at The Golden Lounge, Qantas at The Qantas Club, Singapore Airlines at Silver Kris Lounge and Air New Zealand/United Airlines. Emirates’ lounge is found on T2 after customs and you will have to take the escalator to the third level.

Services offered:

Apart from the facility of cheap car rental in Melbourne that you get at the airport, you can also access showers, toilets and baby change facilities which are located throughout the terminals. It also has web kiosks and telephones, plus a phone for the hearing impaired located on the ground floor of T2 arrivals.

Disabled passengers are provided with a pick-up/drop-off area, disabled parking, disabled toilets and disabled access within all terminals. All those who have opted for cheap car rental in Melbourne can get all the detailed information about roaming around the city at the Travellers Information Desk & Lost Property service, which is on the ground floor of international arrivals. Once here, you can find out the latest hot shows in town, the best restaurants and nightclubs, the big events and other tourist destinations. It even has an Airport Medical Centre, a general medical practice with a pharmacy located next door.

Added benefits

Shopping at Melbourne airport

Melbourne airport offers great shopping for all travelers thanks to its array of shops. These shops offer tax free access to a wide range of duty free goods like jewellery, clothes, books and others.

Easy accommodation

The airport has three hotels located nearby where you can easily stay and relax your senses. You can choose between budget accommodation options and luxury suites all within walking distance of the terminals.

You can enjoy a hassle free trip in the city once you book yourself a rental car at Melbourne airport. Right from landing at the airport, Melbourne will tempt you and excite you and give you a journey you will remember.


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