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May 22, 2019

We all have come across that ‘smartphone user’ on the red light because of whom everyone in the lane had to wait for another red light cycle – just because this particular person was busy texting or talking on the phone when the traffic light turned green.

According to the studies, 70% of drivers engage in a smartphone while driving, from sending emails to browsing social media accounts. A lot of these activities internet browsing, video calling, taking selfies and trying to be uber cool with the brand new smartphone.

These activities are extremely dangerous and ILLEGAL, reminding you that you can face fine or imprisonment, depending on the severity of the damage/violation you have caused while using a smartphone while driving. Let us highlight the important considerations for the drivers on the Australian roads.

In Australia, it is illegal to use a handheld smartphone while driving to talk, text, send e-mails, play games, take photos, record videos or use any other function on your smartphone.


  • Silence your phone while driving to avoid being distracted
  • Do everything on your smartphone before you depart or after you reach
  • Put your phone in a sleeve or a case

It is important to pay attention to the road and drive safely, rather than being entertained by a smartphone. Keep your smartphone distractions minimum and enjoy the roads as your drive. At Cheaper Car Rentals, we promote road safety and ensure that all the drivers are educated about the driving laws in Australia.

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