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The Best Places to Travel This New Year

May 22, 2019 / 2220 /

Kickstart the new year with a well- deserved a holiday in one of these hot travel destinations around Australia. Are you planning for a post-New year celebration travel break?

In January- February, people are still running on the post-Christmas holiday break and the school holidays are at the end. So it is the best time to plan a new year’s first travel with the family or friends. Plus, there’s Australia Day public holiday comes at the end of the month so you can plan a long weekend holiday.

Are you feeling inspired for planning the trip? Here’s are our hit picks for January destinations that will help you enjoy your family time together.

Bay of Islands

Great Ocean Road

Bay of Islands is 32 kilometres (20 miles) long coastal reserve located in Victoria. It has gorgeous ocean views, cliffs and rock stacks. For those that love beaches and water activities, it’s paradise to explore. Why don’t you and your friends plan a road-trip to great ocean road and visit this Bay of Islands?

Pine Mountain

Pine Mountain

Pine Mountain is one of Australia’s most massive monoliths that is reputed to be one-and-a-half times the size of Uluru. Be fascinated by the one million hectares (3861 square miles) of tall green forests, sandstone cliffs, canyons and waterfalls that make up the magnificent pine mountains. Don’t believe us? You can see for yourself!

Squeaky Beach

Squeaky Beach

If you like us who enjoys the feel of sand between your toes, then maybe you also want the sound of it too. The rounded grains of quartz make a squeaking sound when you walk in the white, dry sand at Squeaky Beach. If you’re an animal lover, is one of the best places in Australia to spot wombats in the wild.

Mira Mira, Victoria

Mira Mira Victoria

Do you always dream of living in fantasy land? Well, Mira Mira is the spot where that dream could become a reality. Mira Mira is home to a collection of self-contained, two bedroom fantasy retreats where guests have an opportunity to “Live in Art”.

Hit The Road With These Amazing Places

Another charm of Melbourne for tourists is that there are so many amazing places to see around that are only a short drive outside of the city centre. So if you’re planning a trip for more than a weekend, make sure you take a day trip or two. No matter whether you enjoy adventure hikes, discovering vineyards, wildlife encounters, or relaxing at some of Victoria’s fabulous beaches, you will get everything all at once.

The most popular destinations around Melbourne are:

Drive to the Mornington Peninsula (where you can explore guided wine tours, visit the hot springs or getaway ),

Visit the famous little penguin paradise – Phillip Island

Phillip Island

The Yarra Valley (for a wine tour)

Yarra Valley

Plan a road trip to the great ocean road where you can visit the famous twelve apostles, the Grampians and Wilsons Promontory.

great ocean road

Each of these places is stunning, and whichever one you choose you can’t go wrong.

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