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Secrets to Cheap Car Hire without Breaking the Bank

August 30, 2013 / 848 /

Renting a car increases the flexibility of your trip- whether it’s business or leisure; however, not paying enough attention to details while renting a car, can break the bank.

In spite of having rented a car in the past, that deer in the headlights feeling is pretty much on cards while talking to a car hire agent. Here are few useful tips to make things easy for you-

Research and Compare the rates- Most of us assume that all car rental companies offer the same rates. No, that’s not right. Most of us are on the lookout for cheap airfares, but are often ignorant towards cheap car hire prices. Research well and compare car rental prices before committing to hire a car.

Make calculations and Avoid Temptations- Do not get tempted by unreasonably low rates and watch out for those hidden charges and surcharges. Ask what taxes, surcharges or extra money you will need to pay for extras such as adding another driver.

Hunt for Promo Codes and Specials- Many car hire companies offer weekend specials or special weekly rates. You can save a lot of money by using promo codes or discount codes. A quick internet search can help you get a cheap car hire and save some serious dollars.

Check for Restrictions- Check for restrictions before you seal the deal. If you are planning to drive across the state, you must confirm that it is ok before locking the deal. Do not get tempted by the ‘unlimited mileage’ prices because some of these rates do not include certain states. You might end up paying an astronomical bill, if you are unaware of the restrictions.

Do not Prepay for Gasoline- Paying upfront for gasoline is rarely a good deal. Since gas is less expensive at the gas stations, the best idea is to get the tank filled before returning the car.


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