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Safe Driving Tips: Enjoy your trip safely!

January 29, 2014 / 2101 /

Touring new destinations in a rental car can be a fun activity that brings with it new experiences. Driving a rental car requires your utmost care and responsibility to ensure the safety of other road users as well as your passengers.

van-rental-tipsThis is especially important if you are driving in a foreign country for the first time. Having accidents can turn your cheap car rental into an expensive one so please keep in mind our safe driving tips and avoid potential road mishaps.

Drive Carefully:

  • It is very important to plan your trip carefully to take full advantage of your cheap car rental for a long trip. You must be clear about the time you’ll start your journey and which route will you take. If you are not familiar with the roads you are planning to use, avoid peak hour traffic by leaving at a time when the roads are less congested.
  • Resting regularly on long drives is essential. Be sure to plan regular breaks every couple of hours and take advantage of looking around the small towns you might otherwise bypass. Also if you can avoid driving in poor weather conditions do so.
  • Always wear a seat belt and ensure that everyone in the car is also using theirs. It might not be a fashion statement but it certainly does save your life and there’s nothing more important than that. See to it that the seat belt is worn correctly.
  • Life does move very fast these days but everything has a limit. Keep an eye on your speed and drive at the designated speed limits. Driving too fast will leave you with less time to react if something unexpected occurs.
  • Stay focused and vigilant. Pay close attention to the traffic around you and refrain from using mobile phones as they are a distraction.

What not to do while driving?

  • Never drink and drive. Alcohol in most cases impairs your senses resulting in slow reaction times and reduces your ability to concentrate on the road. Having an accident with alcohol.
  • Never drive if you are angry, tired or drowsy as these all will distract you from driving. Take a short break if you feel tired or stressed.
  • Using mobile phones, texting or eating while driving is not at all advisable. Always take a break from driving for these activities.

We hope that our tips for driving cheap car rentals safely are useful to you. Remember it is not always about the destination and driving safely will help you make the most of your journey.


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