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Road Trips with Kids: Ways to Make it Stress Free!

February 21, 2014 / 13116 /

A road trip is indeed a great way of exploring new places and spending some quality time with friends or family. Those who undertake such trips alone, certainly don’t face much of a fuss as travelling alone for many is quite a pleasurable thing to do.

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However, taking a trip with your family and kids can become stressful. Their constant nagging tends to drive you crazy at times and even distracts you from driving. Unfortunately leaving them back home is definitely not a solution as tempting as that might sound and the idea is to spend some quality time with your family. So why not try and make the trip a happy one with a little planning and creativity?

Here we have brought to you some exciting tips that will help you plan the journey with kids in a stress free manner. Have a look:

1. Kids’ Journals:

This is a great idea to keep your little ones engaged in travelling. Encourage them to draw pictures of all the things they see on the way. It would be great if you can carry necessary items in your cheap car rental from Melbourne airport to help them with the same like, drawing books, crayons, sketch pens etc.

2. Travel Backpacks::

You can buy a travel backpack full of your kid’s favourite characters which will not just delight them but will also keep them occupied. You can even carry some interesting stuff to help them pass the time in a creative manner. Make sure that your cheap car rental in Melbourne airport has enough space for storage.

3. Take fun breaks: :

Driving without break for long periods is never advised for the driver but the same goes for you passengers, especially children. Plan to take short breaks regularly and look for somewhere to stop that is interesting and incorporates some fun activity.

4. Classic Road Games::

Be prepared with some easy yet appealing games before hitting the road. Make a list and encourage the kids to suggest some activities as this will make them feel a bit more responsible and help make the activity a fun thing for all.

5. Movie Time:

This is one option which should be picked only if the entire family is willing to. Make sure that your movie time doesn’t kill your family time thereby making the trip futile. If everyone approves of the idea then some family friendly DVDs are great way to keep kids entertained.

You will have a great time travelling with your kids in cheap car rental from Melbourne airport provided you take care of these basic things and book for cars that fit your needs and family requirements!


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