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May 19, 2014

Australia is indeed a unique and enthralling country that delights every traveler. And when you take on a road trip, it becomes all the more exciting when you get car rentals in Melbourne CBD. The beautiful country of Australia has many attractions and natural landscapes that can even be enjoyed easily within a small distance from any capital city.

So, if you are keen to go for car rentals in Melbourne CBD and are looking for places to discover, here is a list that is sure to fascinate you. Have a look:

The Royal Botanical Gardens:

Known as the epitome of botanical gardens, the Royal Botanical gardens houses more than 12,000 varieties of plants. A very relaxing afternoon can be had wandering around the gardens which are a short tram ride from Melbourne CBD. Try going here first and the pick up your car rental in Melbourne CBD close by.


Around 2-3 hours drive from Melbourne, Gippsland is a diverse area with lots to see and do. The drive into Lakes Entrance is spectacular with a roadside stop at the lookout overlooking Lakes Entrance a must do. From beaches to bushwalking to sailing to motorbike riding, Gippsland has a lot to offer.

Buchan Caves:

The Buchan Caves have remarkable limestone formations deep inside. Situated around 360 km outside Melbourne, this place doesn’t need much of drive and is a great tour to undertake and is a wonderful adjunct to a trip to Gippsland.

Swan Hill:

Nearly 4 hours from the city of Melbourne, a trip to Swan Hill can be a bit longer than the other ones but is worth the distance traveled. During the trip, you will travel at the side of the Murray River and you can even stay on a houseboat and participate in some river cruising.

Try out any of these wonderful destinations and treasure some wonderful moments.

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