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Planning a Trip to Greensborough? Drive Better with the Best Car Rental in Greensborough from Cheaper Car Rentals

Greensborough is a Melbourne suburb located approximately 17km Northeast of Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD). The suburb borders the beginning of Green Wedge, an area of bushland that runs northward into Eltham and Diamond Creek. A tributary of the Yarra River- the Plenty River runs through Greensborough. 

The local government areas of Greensborough are the City of Banyule and the Shire of Nillumbik. Greensborough, formerly known as Keelbundoora, was named after settler Edward Bernard Green. He was the district mail contractor. Greensborough is a historical gem with its beautiful history. Whether you plan a business trip or a leisure vacation, getting behind the wheel is the best way to explore this suburb.

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If you are looking for an affordable car hire option in Greensborough, then Cheaper Car Rental is your ideal choice. We are a Victorian, independent car rental operator providing the best car hire and car rental to suit everyone’s budget and needs. We have been specialising in providing affordable car rentals since 1981, and we pride ourselves on offering friendly service. All our rental cars are serviced and maintained by licensed vehicle testers only, and all our vehicles come with full RACV roadside assistance free of charge. This gives you extra peace of mind.

Why Book Your Car Rental in Greensborough from Cheaper Car Rental?

Cheaper Car Rentals offers you competitive deals across a range of rental cars, giving you a choice of great packages that assist you in finding a car hire Greensborough deals to suit you. Some of the reasons to choose Cheaper Car Rentals include:

  • Easy and Convenient Booking
  • Large Choice of Fleet
  • First-class Assistance
  • Best and Affordable Prices

Greensborough at a Glance

Greensborough is a small yet beautiful suburb and can be easily explored in your rental vehicle from us. You can visit the Greensborough war memorial park, the Kalparrin gardens, the Brown’s reserve, the Poulter Avenue Reserve, the Whatmough Park, and many other places. Book your car. Hire from our Greensborough’s Cheaper Car Rentals today to explore this beautiful gem.

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