Toyota Corolla SX



6.7 Litres per 100KM
X2 X1
X1 X4

Over 20 years, Toyota has been leading the drive with the finest cars. Toyota Corolla is one of our best-in-class rental cars. The Toyota Corolla SX is your ultimate choice when it comes to features and comfort. The car boasts a tough-looking body kit that has side skirts, sporty fronts, rear bumpers and tinted windows. The standard features include a 7.0-inch screen, a reversing camera, six-speaker stereo, rear parking sensors, air conditioning and 17-inch alloy wheels. The front-wheel-drive car also has 1.8-litre four-cylinder petrol. Toyota Corolla SX hatch is made in Japan and has scored the maximum five-star ANCAP rating. Whether you are visiting someone, travelling on business purpose or going on a family vacation, we have you covered. Our Toyota Corolla is well maintained, so all you need to do is book our rental car, sit back and relax. You can also go on a long road trip, roll down the windows and feel the breeze with your buddies and make memories for life.


Standard Rental Package Includes
  • 200kms per day
  • $5000 excess
  • $500 Bond
Upgrade your Kilometres
  • Upgrade to unlimited kms for just $16.60 per day.
Upgrade your Package

You can purchase extra insurance as follows and your bond will be reduced to $200:

  • Upgrade to 300 kms and excess of $2200 for just $13 per day
  • Upgrade to 400 kms and excess of $1100 for just $23 per day
  • Upgrade to unlimited kms and $385 excess for just $33 per day

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