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6.7 Litres per 100KM
X1 X1
X2 X3

The premium hatchback from MG Motors comes packed with high performance. It is perfect for a small family ride. The car boasts 8” colour touch screen with all the main commands at your fingertips. You can integrate your iPhone effortlessly with Apple CarPlay while the Yamaha 3D sound field brings a new dimension to the in-car sound. The small car allows for big personalisation and you can spend quality time on the road. Our rental MG3 is not only about getting from point A to point B but an experience filled with style, performance and personality. The car has plenty of legroom for everyone and the split-folding rear seats add to the flexibility. MG3 combines practicality with style to create the ultimate joy ride. Get the perfect rental MG3 for going around Melbourne or on a family vacation to the countryside. Express yourself and have fun all along the way for a transcendent adventure.


Standard Rental Package Includes
  • 200kms per day
  • $5000 excess
  • $500 Bond
Upgrade your Kilometres
  • Upgrade to unlimited kms for just $16.60 per day.
Upgrade your Package

You can purchase extra insurance as follows and your bond will be reduced to $200:

  • Upgrade to 300 kms and excess of $2200 for just $13 per day
  • Upgrade to 400 kms and excess of $1100 for just $23 per day
  • Upgrade to unlimited kms and $385 excess for just $33 per day

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