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Cheap Medium Car Hire Services to Travel Comfortably

Planning to take your small family for a vacation? Or a short trip with a small group of friends? Looking for convenient road transport? Cheaper Car Rentals offers you cheap medium car hire services for all your travelling requirements across Melbourne. 

A car drive around the countryside is a dream of many travellers out there. Cheap medium car hire services from CCR are here to make your dream come true. When it comes to travel destinations, Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia, offers many exploring options. And the ability to rent a car at competitive rates in Melbourne opens up a world of possibilities while empowering you to plan your vacation in your way. 

Road trips are remarkable — they bring with them the freedom to explore astonishing and unfamiliar destinations. CCR’s medium car hire service is here to deliver this travelling experience with ease, comfort, and on budget. With no hidden charges, we have made renting a car a simpler and more affordable solution.

Travel at Your Leisure & Comfort with Medium Car Hire Services

Are you travelling with a small group of people? Cheap medium car hire services from CCR are the ideal choice to travel freely, at your comfort and pace and within budget. 

When planning a vacation, comfort and leisure are a prerequisite. Car rental services from CCR are the best option for travelling at your own pace across Melbourne. Our medium car hire services are the ideal solution when it comes to privacy, affordability, safety, comfort and freedom during travel. 

CCR is the leading car rental company in Melbourne, serving people who require vehicles temporarily for their personal travelling needs. When you need to travel in a group, opt for our medium car hire services for a budget-friendly outing.

Cheaper Car Rentals is the Best Choice — Why?

Cheaper Car Rentals is an independent Victorian car rental company offering great value rental cars. Specialising in cheap large SUV rentals and car hire services since 1981, we pride ourselves on our friendly service.

CCR is your best choice because —

  • Best quality, reliable and affordable vehicles
  • Extensive fleet to meet all travel requirements and budgets 
  • Our fleet is maintained and serviced by licensed vehicle testers
  • 200kms free daily with every car hire
  • Interstate rentals into New South Wales, South Australia, and Queensland stress-free experience at competitive prices 
  • Free of charge RACV roadside assistance
  • Fantastic deals on long-term car rentals

At CCR, our extensive fleet meets all your travel needs and budgets. We use our older model cars for Melbourne metro usage only, while the current- and late-model cars are meant for anywhere in Victoria.

For fantastic long-term car rental deals, call — 0402 006 672 or 1300 853 041 TODAY!

Cheaper Car Rental the cheaper alternative to travel across Victoria & Gold Coast

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