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Have An Emergency? Trust Only Cheaper Car Rentals For Emergency Car Hire To Melbourne Airport

Emergencies can arise anytime and during such times, panic and confusion can arise. Whenever you need an emergency car hire to Melbourne Airport, we are here to assist you. At Cheaper Car Rentals, we provide you with emergency car rental at extremely affordable prices. Whether you are on a business trip in Melbourne or a leisure trip, we provide you with the best emergency car hire based on your specific needs.

At Cheaper Car Rentals, we specialise in the car rental and car hire across Melbourne. All our emergency car rentals are serviced and maintained by licensed vehicle testers. Our emergency car rental for Melbourne Airport comes with RACV roadside assistance for free. This would give you peace of mind. At Cheaper Car Rental, we provide you with a wide fleet of cars and vans. In addition to this, we also provide you with an array of special deals that suit your particular requirements.

Why Choose Cheaper Car Rentals


We provide you with the best competitive prices for emergency car hire in Melbourne.

Easy Booking

Our user-friendly interface allows you to book your emergency car hire easily and effectively. Our team is always on toes to assist you.

Modern Fleet

We boast a wide range of modern cars for emergency hire in Melbourne.

Melbourne Airport

Located 22km north-west of the famous city centre in the suburb of Tullamarine, Melbourne Airport is also known as the Tullamarine Airport. The airport operates the world’s third most-travelled passenger air route (Melbourne to Sydney) and even boasts its postcode. The airport has three terminals made up of two domestic terminals that have 46 gates between them and an international terminal, terminal two (T2), which has 16 gates. Qantas predominantly uses terminal one (T1) sharing it with its subsidiary Jetstar while terminal three (T3) is mainly used by Virgin Blue.

For emergency car hire to Melbourne airport, connect with us now.

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