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Your Guide to Van Rental in Melbourne

November 13, 2013 / 1260 /

Moving house or having to transport freight can be cheaper if you do it yourself. Hiring a van in Melbourne does not have to be expensive particularly if you consider the following tips.

  • Work out how long you need to hire a van for.
    Hourly van hire is available from some companies so if you are just moving one or two items, a short van rental hire period may suffice. Always check if kilometres are charged on top when you ask for this option.
  • What size van do you need? If you are doing a large move, perhaps a removalist truck may be a better option.
    Or you can do a combination of truck and van hire so that all your small and fragile items are not mixed in with larger items that may move around in transit and cause damage.
  • Ask if trolley hire can be added for free.
    Van rental in Melbourne from some suppliers may also include free hand trolley hire. This can be very handy for moving larger items and be less taxing on your body.
  • Always take the insurance excess reduction option.
    If you are not used to driving larger vehicles such as moving vans, it is very easy to do damage to them as you can misjudge the size of the vehicle very easily. This is particularly easy to do if you are in a rental van where you are sitting right at the front of the vehicle. Taking the safest insurance cover can save you a lot of money if you do damage your rental van.


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