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Bonds are taken to guarantee your booking and are refunded at the end of the rental. All rental fees are paid at commencement of hire and are subject to final audit at end of rental. If picking up from our airport depot, rental fees are taken 24-48hours in advance.

Covid-19 affected travel and Cancellations:

Where a customer’s travel plans have been severely affected or need to be cancelled due to travel restrictions as a result of Covid-19. Interstate Border closures in place or announced, Cheaper Car Rentals will NOT refund BUT will offer full credit to reschedule your booking for a later date.

The following Cancellation fees apply.

Greater than 7 days – No charge, Within 7 days – $50 charge ,Within 4 days $100 charge , Within 48 hours – deposit forfeited – full rental fees apply.

If booked for pick up during Peak Season Dec 01 – Jan 31, GRAND PRIX WEEKEND, MOTOR GP WEEKEND,School Holidays PUBLIC HOLIDAYS & EASTER full amount to be paid at time of booking confirmation. No refunds for Cancellations during THOSE PEAK PERIODS. You can defer your booking for up to 3 months if you have a change of schedule within 7 days from the collection date (This does not apply during Peak Seasons of Xmas & Easter).

Last Updated May 2022 Definitions

In this document:

Area of Use means the area of use shown in the Cheaper Car Rentals Agreement, as well as any and all parameters set out in 5.2(b) to (d) of the Cheaper Car Rentals Terms and Conditions.

Authorised Driver(s) means each of the people specified in the Cheaper Car Rentals Agreement unless precluded by clause 4 of the Cheaper Car Rentals Terms and Conditions.

Company means any combination of Cheaper Car Rentals  (ABN 15 592 992 938) or whichever is listed on Your Cheaper Car Rentals Agreement.

GST Act means the person specified as the Hirer of the Vehicle in the Cheaper Car Rentals Agreement.

Hirer means each Hirer, Joint Hirer and Authorised Driver.

Joint Hirer means the person specified as the Joint Hirer of the Vehicle in the Cheaper Car Rentals Agreement.

Liability Waiver means the liability waiver set out in the Cheaper Car Rentals Agreement.

Supplier means the entity making the supply.

Return Location means the location listed under “location Information” in the Cheaper Car Rentals Agreement or otherwise the same location the vehicle was collected from.

Single Vehicle Incident means any incident where the Vehicle suffers loss or damage as a result of an impact with any object whether animate or inanimate, except for another vehicle which can be fully identified and details of which have been provided by You or on Your behalf to the Company.

Vehicle means the vehicle specified in the Cheaper Car Rentals Agreement (or any replacement vehicle) and includes its parts, components, tyres, keys, remote opening devices, tools, any tag or device for paying electronic tolls and all accessories and contents supplied by the Company.


1.1 You agree to rent the Vehicle from the Company, and the Company agrees to rent it to You, on the terms set out in the Cheaper Car Rentals Terms and Conditions.

1.2 The Cheaper Car Rentals Terms and Conditions must be read and construed in their entirety with the Cheaper Car Rentals Agreement, the Cheaper Car Rentals Fees and Charges Schedule, the Fair Wear and Tear Guide and the Vehicle Report as well as any Letter of Authority in order to debit You by way of credit card (where required). Together these constitute the entire agreement between the Company and You on its subject matter (The ‘Cheaper Car Rentals Contract’). The Cheaper Car Rentals Contract supersedes all other provisions, terms, warranties, or conditions contained in any other contract, agreement, deed, brochure, promotion, website advertisement or any other document or instrument.

1.3 This document is governed by the laws of Queensland and Victoria, Australia. Any actions, claims or demands arising out of, or in respect of this document must be brought in the courts of Queensland and Victoria.


2.1 It is important that You return the Vehicle to the Return Location at or before the Return Time on the Return Date specified in the Cheaper Car Rentals Agreement unless the Company has agreed to an extension in writing before the Return Date. Where You voluntarily return the vehicle before the Return Date, you must provide the Company with at least one days’ notice.

2.2 If You return the Vehicle to another location, the Company can charge You for all costs associated with transporting or towing the Vehicle to the Return Location, unless otherwise agreed by the Company.

2.3 If You have not returned the Vehicle by the Return Time on the Return Date (without an agreed extension): the Company may immediately report the Vehicle to the police as stolen; and

2.4 the Company can charge You for the late return at a rate equivalent to double the daily standard gross rental charge for the Vehicle, plus the costs of any accessories, as specified in the Cheaper Car Rentals Agreement. The Company may take possession of the Vehicle at its sole discretion without prior demand to You and at Your expense if there has been a breach of any terms or conditions of the Cheaper Car Rentals Contract or if the Vehicle is illegally parked, used in violation of the law or is apparently abandoned, or if the seal of the odometer is broken, or otherwise tampered with. If the seal of the odometer is broken or otherwise tampered with, the Company can charge You an extra charge as specified in the Cheaper Car Rentals Fees and Charges Schedule (the ‘Fees and Charges Schedule’).

2.5 If You attempt to return the Vehicle to the Return Location outside its advertised business hours, the Vehicle will be deemed to have been returned at the time when that Return Location next opens for business. The rental continues until that time. You remain fully responsible for the Vehicle, unless the Company has agreed to other arrangements in writing.

2.6 The Vehicle will be given to You with a full tank of fuel. As a result, it is required that when the vehicle is returned by You, it is returned with a full tank of fuel. If the Vehicle is returned with less fuel than required, the Company will charge You the difference at the rate specified in the Fees and Charges Schedule, unless prior arrangements have been made.

2.7 You must only use the fuel specified by the manufacturer of the Vehicle. Using bio-diesel, ethanol or any organic hybrid fuel is strictly considered the wrong fuel type. All costs associated with the use of the wrong fuel including contaminated fuel will be at Your sole expense.


3.1 You acknowledge that the Vehicle is the sole property of the Company and that at the time You received the Vehicle it was in good running condition and fit for the purpose for which You required it and You ascertained this on Your own inspection of the Vehicle and not as a result of any representation made by the Company, its employees or agents.

3.2 You acknowledge that the only existing damage to the Vehicle at the commencement of the Cheaper Car Rentals Contract is that detailed on the Vehicle Report . It is essential that You note all existing damage on the Vehicle Report. Any damage which has not been noted on the Vehicle Report will be considered damage which has occurred during Your rental, for which the Company can charge You. Where Cheaper Car Rentals deems it necessary, the We- capture application may be used to capture vehicle condition electronically in addition to, or in place of, the paper-based Vehicle Report.

3.3 You agree to return the Vehicle in the same condition, except for any normal fair wear and tear, together with its tools, tyres, accessories and equipment at the Return Location on the Return Date specified in the Cheaper Car Rentals Agreement (or sooner, if demanded by the Company). What is and is not fair wear and tear is defined in the Fair Wear and Tear Guide, provided as part of the Cheaper Car Rentals Contract.


4.1 You must only allow the Vehicle to be driven by the Hirer, the Joint Hirer and any Authorised Drivers.
4.2 You must ensure that the following people do not drive the Vehicle (including where this applies to the Hirer, a Joint Hirer or an Authorised Driver):
1. a) a person who does not have a valid open class driver’s license for the relevant class of vehicle;
2. b) a person whose blood alcohol concentration exceeds the lawful percentage (in the place where the Vehicle is being driven);
3. c) a person who is under the influence of a drug, intoxicating liquor or substance;
4. d) a person who has given or for whom You have given a false name, age, address or driver’s license details;
5. e) a person whose driver’s license has been cancelled, endorsed or suspended within the last three years;
6. f) a person who has not held an open class driver’s license for any class of vehicle for at least one year; or
7. g) a person who uses or intends to use the Vehicle for any kind of race, contest or performance test or any kind of illegal purpose.


5.1 You must take care of the Vehicle at all times while You are renting it, including by:
1. a) driving safely, attentively and legally at all times and ensuring any other Joint Hirer or Authorised Driver does the same; and
2. b) parking and garaging the Vehicle as securely as possible when not in use.
5.2 You must ensure that the Vehicle is not used in the following places or circumstances:
1. a) in any area outside the Area of Use shown in the Cheaper Car Rental Agreement;
2. b) on any unsealed roads or off-road conditions, unless authorised by the Company in the
Area of Use in the Cheaper Car Rentals Agreement;
3. c) in the snow or above the snow line in New South Wales or Victoria from the beginning of
June to the end of September;
4. d) on beaches or through streams, dams, rivers, flood waters or any water deeper than the underbody of the Vehicle or of uncertain depth;
5. e) for the carriage of any persons for reward;
6. f) for the carriage of any inflammable, explosive or corrosive materials or other dangerous or hazardous materials;
7. g) to push or tow any vehicle, trailer, boat or other object(s), without the Company’s written authorisation;
8. h) for the carriage of any greater load and/or persons and/or for a purpose other than for which the Vehicle was designed and constructed, or in contravention of any state regulation;
9. i) for the carriage of any animal, unless authorised in writing by the Company;
10. j) for racing, pace making, reliability trials, speed trials, hill climbing or being tested in preparation for those activities;
11. k) in a dangerous, wilful or reckless manner;
12. l) in breach of any legislation or regulation controlling vehicular traffic;
13. m) in an unsafe or unroadworthy condition; or
14. n) after an accident until You have obtained the Company’s written authorisation to continue driving the Vehicle (unless this is unreasonable).
5.3 You must not refuse or fail to take any blood analysis or breath test requested by the police or as required by law while in control of the Vehicle.


6.1 If the Vehicle booked is unavailable, the Company reserves the right to substitute an alternative vehicle without prior notification and at no extra cost to You. This is not a breach of the Cheaper Car Rentals Terms and Conditions.


7.1 You are liable for:
1. a) all loss of, or damage to, the Vehicle while You are renting it; and
2. b) all damage to any third party’s property which:
0. (i) is caused or contributed to by You or any person You allow to drive the Vehicle; or
1. (ii) arises from the use of the Vehicle by You or any person You allow to drive the Vehicle.
This clause 7.1 does not apply to any damage or loss the Company is liable for under this document.
7.2 In the event of an accident involving the Vehicle, You must:
1. a) record the time, date, and location of the accident;
2. b) record the other parties’ full names, addresses, vehicle registrations, car
types as well as any property damage;
3. c) record the name of the other parties’ insurance company;
1. d) not admit liability;
2. e) notify the nearest police station within 24 hours of the accident;
3. f) promptly report the accident (including any damage) within 48 hours to the Company at the location where the Vehicle was hired;
4. g) Complete and sign the Damage Report Form; and
5. h) pay for the expense of towing and retrieving the Vehicle to the closest Company depot, up to the Liability Waiver set out in the Cheaper Car Rentals Agreement (where applicable) or otherwise, up to the whole amount (without reimbursement from the Company or its insurer)
7.3 You understand that if You do admit liability for any claim, loss or demand You will be in breach of the Cheaper Car Rental Terms and Conditions.

7.4 You are not entitled to any refund for the unused portion of the Rental Period after an accident.
7.5 The Company will charge You an additional administration fee per accident file, as specified in the Fees and Charges Schedule. You will also be liable for the damage liability costs outlined in the Cheaper Car Rentals Agreement.


8.1 You will receive the benefit of the Company’s insurance with its insurer in respect of damage to the Vehicle or damage to any third party property other than any property owned by You (or any friend, relative, associate or passenger) or any property in Your physical or legal control as long as You:
1. a) have paid the minimum Liability Waiver set out in the Cheaper Car Rentals Agreement (regardless of who is at fault);
2. b) are not in breach of the Cheaper Car Rentals Contract and have not caused any other person to have acted in a manner which is in breach of the Cheaper Car Rentals Contract;
3. c) are not covered under any other policy of insurance; and
4. d) have provided such information and assistance as may be requested by the Company’s insurer.

8.2 If cover is provided, You authorise the Company’s insurer, at its sole discretion, to defend or settle any legal proceedings. The Company’s insurer has the sole conduct of any proceedings. Any such proceedings are brought or defended in Your name or the name of the Authorised Driver at the time of the accident.

8.3 Regardless of whether cover is provided, the Company may charge You for losses during the period the Vehicle is unavailable for rent


You must return the Vehicle in a reasonably clean state. If You do not return the Vehicle in a suitable state of cleanliness, or if You have smoked in the Vehicle or allowed someone else to smoke in the Vehicle, the Company can charge You a cleaning and deodorising fee as specified in the Fees and Charges Schedule.


The Kilometre Allowance per day and Charge Per Excess Kilometre Fee are indicated in the Fees and Charges Schedule. The Company charges You the applicable Excess Kilometre Fee when You return the Vehicle.


11.1 You are jointly and severally responsible for compliance with the Cheaper Car Rentals
Contract and the consequences of any non-compliance.
11.2 By entering into the Cheaper Car Rentals Contract, You are responsible for and irrevocably authorise the Company or its nominated agent(s) to debit the credit card or debit card provided under the Cheaper Car Rentals Agreement or any other credit card or debit card provided and You must pay the Company, or where stipulated a third-party agent, on demand any balance for the following charges:
a) the rental charges specified in the Cheaper Car Rentals Agreement(must be cleared funds before a Vehicle is delivered);
b) all charges claimed by the Company in respect of parking and/or any other traffic violations incurred during the rental period or until such time as the Vehicle is returned to the Company. An additional administration fee per infringement will apply as specified in the Fees and Charges Schedule;
c) an administrative fee in addition to each toll fee, including any video matching fee, as

stipulated on the Fees and Charges Schedule. You must address all toll fees at Your
own discretion, until such later time as the Vehicle is returned to the Company;
1. d) all toll fees and associated video matching fees as stipulated by a third- party agent, to that third-party agent instead of Your relevant tolling authority or CCR, where CCR has
agreed to outsource the charging of such expenses to the agent;
2. e) all costs associated with the repossession of the Vehicle;
3. f) all costs associated with the breaking of any special conditions set out in the Cheaper Car Rentals Rental Agreement;
4. g) all costs associated with the early return or termination of the Cheaper Car Rental
Contract until the end of the period specified in the Cheaper Car Rentals Agreement;
5. h) all late fees associated with the return of the Vehicle outside of the normal
6. i) a fee per kilometre as specified in the Fees and Charges Schedule for the relocation of
all Vehicles up to the point they are dropped off to the Company at the Return Location
7. j) all repairs to the Vehicle, unless they are authorised in writing by the Company prior to
the repair date;
8. k) a roadside assistance fee as specified in the Fees and Charges Schedule where You are
at fault and roadside assistance is required (i.e., where You lock the keys in the Vehicle);
(l) all charges associated with the enforcement of the Company’s legal rights, where you have breached the Cheaper Car Rentals Contract. This includes costs for repossession of the
vehicle; and
(m)all loss or damage to the Vehicle, legal expenses, assessment fees, towing and recovery,
consequential third-party damage, storage, company service charges, any appraisal of the
vehicle and the loss of any use of the vehicle where:
(i) You have breached the Cheaper Car Rentals Contract;
(ii) the Vehicle is involved in a Single Vehicle Incident, unless the Company agrees to
reduce such loss to the Single Vehicle Incident Liability amount shown in the Cheaper Car Rentals Agreement (plus the Standard Liability Charge noted in the Cheaper Car Rentals Agreement). A Single Vehicle Incident includes an accident involving another vehicle but where You do not provide identifying details of the other vehicle to the Company;
(iii)Your negligence causes damage to the Vehicle or third-party property;
(iv)You have damaged the Vehicle by any wilful or reckless misconduct;
(v) You have left the Vehicle unlocked or left the keys in the Vehicle;
(vi)You have not kept the key secure and under Your personal control;
(vii) the underbody of the Vehicle is damaged regardless of cause except where there is a
collision with another vehicle;
(viii) theVehicleistotallyorpartiallyimmersedinwaterregardlessofthecause;
(ix)the interior of the Vehicle is damaged regardless of the cause, including by water due
to the convertible roof (if any) being opened or left open, except where there is a
collision with another vehicle;
(x) the tyres of the Vehicle are damaged other than by normal fair wear and tear;
(xi)You have failed to maintain all fluid and fuel levels of the Vehicle or to immediately
rectify or report to the Company any defect in the Vehicle of which You have become
or ought to have become aware;
(xii) the Vehicle is damaged by loading or unloading, normal fair wear and tear excepted;
(xiii) the exterior of the Vehicle including but not limited to the roof is damaged regardless
of cause except where there has been a collision with another vehicle.
11.3 If You have paid by credit card or debit card, or directed the Company to bill the charges to some other person, corporation, firm or organisation who or which fails to make payment when due, You must immediately pay the full amount due to the Company on demand.
11.4 You agree and authorise the Company to use the credit card(s) or debit card provided for
payment of any amount due under the Cheaper Car Rentals Contract even if a signed credit card or debit card voucher has been returned.


12.1 You irrevocably release and hold harmless the Company, its employees and agents from all claims for loss or damage to personal property owned by You or others left in the Vehicle, or which is received, handled or stored by the Company at any time before, during or after the Rental Period, whether due to the Company’s negligence or otherwise, subject to clause 12.2.

12.2 The Company gives no express warranties in relation to the Vehicle. Certain conditions and warranties are imported by statute, whether Commonwealth or State, which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified, such as those under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth). Where the Company is permitted to limit its liability under those statutes for breach of any implied condition or warranty, then the Company’s liability is limited to (at the Company’s election) in the case of a supply of goods, the replacement, repair or re-supply of goods or supply of equivalent goods, or in the case of a supply of services, the Company supplying the services again or paying the cost of having the services supplied again.

12.3 Subject to clause 12.2, the Company is not liable to You or any other person for any Consequential Loss relating to the Cheaper Car Rentals Contract. In the event of no alternative vehicle being available to You, the Company’s liability is limited to a refund of the rental charge or in the case of mechanical failure (unless caused by You) the remainder of the Rental Period.

12.4 You and any Authorised Drivers agree to indemnify the Company from and against any or all claims, demands, actions, liabilities, losses, costs and expenses (including, but not limited to legal costs on an indemnity basis), incurred by the Company as a consequence of any breach by You or the Authorised Driver of the Cheaper Car Rentals Contract or the failure, for whatever reason, of the due and punctual performance of Your obligations under the Cheaper Car Rentals Contract.

12.5 Inclause12.3,‘ConsequentialLoss’meansanyoneormoreofthefollowing:lossofbargain; loss of revenues; loss of reputation; indirect loss; loss of profits; loss of actual or anticipated savings; lost opportunities, including opportunities to enter into arrangements with third parties; and loss or corruption of data.


13.1 Immediately upon receipt, You must provide the Company with every summons, complaint or paper in relation to any accident or loss involving the Vehicle.

13.2 You acknowledge that the Company relies on the truth of Your representations in the Cheaper Car Rentals Contract.

13.3 Except as provided by law, You or passengers in the Vehicle are not the agent, servant or employee of the Company for any purpose whatsoever.

13.4 No right of the Company under the Cheaper Car Rentals Contract can be waived except by writing of an authorised officer of the Company.

13.5 YouacknowledgethatYourinterestintheVehicleisasabaileeoftheCompanyonlyandthat You agree not to part with possession, dispose of, encumber or assign any right or interest in the Vehicle and not create any lien on the Vehicle for repairs.

13.6 TheCompanyacceptsVisaandMasterCardonly.Pleasenotethatacreditcardsurchargewill apply, as specified in the Fees and Charges Schedule.

13.7 You acknowledge that the Company has not in any way represented itself to You as an entity carrying on the business of insurance.

13.8 You must make yourself available to assist the Company in any actions mentioned in the Cheaper Car Rentals Contract, that may arise out of Your hire of the Vehicle.

13.9 Either party may terminate the CCR Hire Rental Contract at any time if the other party breaches the CCR Hire Rental Contract.

13.10 The Company may from time to time vary the terms of the Cheaper Car Rentals Contract, including any figures (fees, charges etc.) listed in the Fees and Charges Schedule, provided You are given 30 days written notice. Where you find any variations unagreeable, it is your right to opt out of the Cheaper Car Rentals Contract if You wish to do so.

14.0 GST

14.1 Any terms capitalised in this clause 14.0, which are not already defined in the definitions, have the same meaning given to those terms in A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 (Cth) (The ‘GST Act’).

14.2 The consideration for a Supply made under or in connection with this document includes GST.

14.3 If a Supply made under or in connection with this document is a Taxable Supply, then at or before the time the consideration for the Supply is payable the Supplier must give the Recipient a Tax Invoice for the Supply.

14.4 Where Tax Invoice is given by the Supplier ,the Supplier warrants that the Supply to which the Tax Invoice relates is a Taxable Supply and that it will remit the GST (as stated on the Tax Invoice) to the Australian Taxation Office.

14.5 In this clause 14.0, ‘Supplier’ means the entity making the Supply.


15.1 The Company has always valued the privacy of personal information. When the Company collects, uses or discloses personal information (especially creditworthiness information) it is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), including the Privacy (Credit Reporting) Code 2014. The Company handles personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy available at enquiries@cheapercarrentals.com.au/privacy

15.2 The Company collects various personal information about You for the purposes of providing services to You or someone else You know; providing You with promotional material and information; facilitating its internal business operations; analysing the Company’s services and customer needs and because the Company is required or permitted by any law.

15.3 In order to provide services to You, the Company may disclose Your personal information from time to time to:
1. a) the Company’s employees, contractors, and related and affiliated entities for the purpose of providing the Company’s services, operating the Company’s business, and fulfilling requests by You;
2. b) service providers who assist the Company in operating its business and services, and such personal information will only be used to the extent necessary to perform the services;
3. c) the Company’s related entities and other organisations with whom the Company has affiliations so that those organisations may provide You with information about services and various promotions.
4. d) third parties to whom You have agreed the Company may disclose Your information;
5. e) the police, any relevant government authority or enforcement body, for example, if the Company has reason to suspect that You have committed a breach of the Cheaper Car Rentals Contract, or have otherwise been engaged in any unlawful activity during the
Rental Period, and the Company reasonably believes that disclosure is necessary.
6. f) third parties where required by law, binding regulation or court order; and
7. g) a proposed or actual purchaser/newly controlling entity of a sale and/or transfer of control

of all or part of the Company’s business, where your personal information is relevant to any part of the business for sale and/or transfer.

15.4 The Company is assisted by a variety of external service providers to deliver its services, some of whom may be located overseas. These third parties are too numerous to list, and they change from time to time. Some examples of the types of third parties include:
a) technology service providers including:
(i) website analytics providers such as Google located in the US; (ii) cloud service providers such as Marketo located in the US.
(iii)hosting service providers such as Cars Plus and Flow located in Australia; and (iv)vehicle condition report application providers such as We-Integrate located in New
b) developers, IT system administrators, and support staff, located in the Philippines. While
the Company’s developers and support staff rarely access live data, they may do so when
troubleshooting complex support requests or bugs, or designing new functionality; and
c) promotion or marketing providers, such as Mail Chimp located in the US.
15.5 If the personal information You provide to the Company is incomplete or inaccurate, the Company may not be able to provide You with the services You are seeking. It is up to You to update Your personal information. If You are unable to update Your personal information held by the Company, you must notify the Company of the changes as soon as reasonably practicable.

15.6 If You would like a copy of the Company’s Privacy Statement, or You wish to seek access to or correct the personal information the Company holds about You, please contact the Company at enquiries@cheapercarrentals.com.au or on 1300 853 041.

15.7 The Company may use GPS tracking or other electronic tools (‘GPS Devices’) to enable the Company to track the location of its vehicles. By hiring an CCR Vehicle, You expressly consent to the Company using a GPS Device on the vehicle during the Rental Period where the Company sees fit. This will result in the Company using and retaining information from the GPS from time to time.

15.8 The Company may, where You are in breach of Your Cheaper Car Rentals Contract, and after considering all legislative requirements, use the installed GPS Device to immobilise the Vehicle. By hiring an CCR Vehicle, you expressly consent to this.

There is a certain level of damage to a vehicle which is considered fair wear and tear due to ongoing use. This is treated differently to damage that is caused by a customer, which they will be held responsible for. The distinction between fair wear and tear and unacceptable damage is outlined in the Cheaper Car Rentals Fair Wear and Tear guidelines set out below.

Damage caused intentionally or by gross negligence is not considered fair wear and tear and is excluded from your damage cover. You should always refer to the Terms and Conditions of Rental for a full understanding of the exclusions that apply. We have a range of coverage options available for those who wish to reduce their excess in the event of an accident or damage to their vehicle.

How do we assess when damage has occurred? Prior to an CCR vehicle being rented, any damage, including for fair wear and tear is identified and recorded. CCR records this damage via time stamped photographs and Video when the vehicle is prepared for rental. If you detect any damage and it has not been recorded, you should notify a staff member of the damage prior to leaving the rental branch.
• Dents of no more than 25mm in diameter (excluding bonnets and roofs) where the paint surface has not been broken and there is no paint removal, paint cracking of flaking
• Hail damage.
• Dents of any diameter on bonnets, roofs, wheel arches, style lines, door sills or door edges
• Multiple dents within a specific local area regardless of size or
• Any damage affecting or penetrating the paintwork
• Isolated stone chips to any panel up to • More than 5 stone chips to an isolated area 2mm in diameter


• Not more than 25mm in length and not more than 1mm
• No paint surface penetration
• Can be polished out.

• Any scratch where the metal, plastic or undercoat
is exposed.
• Scratches/Scrapes under the front bumper that are not
visible when standing 2 metres back from
the vehicle.
• Light scuffing or scratches:
a. where there is no paint penetration
b. which can be polished out.
c. isolated stone chips up to 2mm in
• Any broken paint
• Multiple scratches of any size.
• Dents of 25mm in length or more in diameter
• Any damage to a textured bumper; and
• Multiple stone chips of more than 5 to an isolated area
• Light scratches and scuffing up to 20mm in length
• Wheel trims or hubcaps that are cracked, broken, missing,
buckled, gouged, mismatched or not the original wheel trim or
hubcap or alloy rims for vehicles or not the originally supplied
rim if:

1. Scuff mark is more than 20 mm in length.
2. Tyre tread and sidewall damage so that the tyre is
unroadworthy. e.g., cuts, bulges, gouges and abrasions,
tyre misuse, flat spots, and burnouts
3. Replacement tyres that differ from those originally


• There is no acceptable fair wear and tear to the windscreen, windows, lamps, or external mirrors
• Scratches, chipping, cracks, holes, or damage to:
1. The windscreen
2. Windows
3. Lamps
4. External mirror lens, as all such damage
may affect the roadworthy status of the vehicle and may subsequently worsen over time from the vehicle continuing to be driven


• Light marks that can be removed by vacuum or general cleaning, light scuffing or smears or regular day to day debris that is removable by general cleaning
• Any permanent damage caused by harsh or corrosive materials.
• Tears, cuts, scratches, holes, or burns.
• Any damage to the structure, shape or
positioning of a seat.
• Hair from pets
• Excessive soil, mud, or sand (other than
from regular day to day use)
• Evidence of smoking in the vehicle
• Odours or foreign matter; stains or marks
that cannot be removed by general cleaning or require steam cleaning


• Minor cosmetic damage that does not in any way affect the functionality of the keys, accessories, or equipment
• Loss or damage to keys or remote.
• Damage caused by incorrect fitting of
accessories (snow chains, roof racks)
• Damage to aerials
• Removal or damage to any item supplied
with the vehicle (parcel shelf, tools,
spare tyres, wheel trims, hazard
triangles, first aid kits, GPS unit)


CCR reserves the right to charge your designated debit card, credit card or bank account for any of the listed tolls, fines, fees, charges or excesses accrued whilst using an CCR vehicle as outlined in the Cheaper Car Rentals Terms and Conditions.

Where you make any amendments to any banking details, debit or credit card details, residential address or contact numbers (including mobile phone) – please advise Cheaper Car Rentals in writing at: enquiries@cheapercarrentals.com.au
Toll Administration Fee
$4.40 administration processing fee per unpaid toll, in addition to the toll fee and video matching fee (where no third-party agent has been permitted to collect the toll fee and video matching fee on CCR behalf)
You will address toll fees at Your own discretion, you will be charged a toll administration fee for each unpaid toll fee, in addition to the toll fee itself, and including any video matching fee (where no third-party agent has been permitted to collect the toll fee and video matching fee on CCR behalf).
Fines and Infringements
$49 administration processing fee per infringement notice
If You receive a fine for speeding, parking illegally, littering or otherwise incur any other type of traffic related fine or infringement whilst using an CCR, you will be responsible for paying this fine in addition to the administration processing fee listed.

Fuel Charge $3.30 per litre in order to fill the tank
Cleaning and Deodorising Fee You must return the vehicle in a suitable state of cleanliness.
Credit Card Surcharge Broken or Tampered Odometer Fee If you use a credit card to pay, there will be an additional surcharge. Plus, any cost of repairing or replacing the odometer.

Accident-Related Charges (Administration Fee)
$110 (in addition to any applicable damage liability cost) You will also be liable for the damage liability costs outlined in the Cheaper Car Rentals Agreement. If You do not purchase a damage liability waiver, and You have an accident in the vehicle, you may be charged the full excess of $5000 for passenger vehicles or $7700 for commercial vehicles.

Kilometre Allowance The Kilometre Allowance per day and Charge Per Excess Kilometre Fee are indicated in the Cheaper Car Rentals Agreement under ‘Charges’. The Company charges You the applicable Excess Kilometre Fee when You return the Vehicle.

32.5 cents per kilometre at 500kms per day

Relocation Fee$2.20 per kilometre In addition to all other costs associated with transporting or towing the vehicle to the Return Location).

Roadside Assistance Fee $99 per instance In addition to other associated charges, where You are at fault and roadside assistance is required.

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