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Located just 39 kilometres north-west of Melbourne’s central business district, Sunbury is a beautiful suburb for a perfect day out with friends and family. At Cheap Car Rentals, we provide you with the perfect rental car. Our car hire in Sunbury would prove to be the ideal mode of transport for you and your travel buddies. Whether it is a road trip to spend the day in Sunbury or visit the best attractions or you just want to roll down the windows and feel the breeze, we have you covered.

With our car rentals in Sunbury, you get the freedom to select the right set of wheels for your exploration trip. In addition to this, the biggest advantage of cheaper car rentals is that you can get where you are going at the time you want without relying on public transportation. Also, you would save time by not walking and waiting for the public transit service.

Book your car rentals and enjoy the best places of Sunbury. If you are a fan of wildlife, then The Dingo Discovery Sanctuary and Research Centre is the first place you should visit. Set on 40 acres of land, the conversation park is home to more than 35 pure alpine dingoes which are bred to preserve their future. The sanctuary hosts open days and takes tours and visitors on appointment only. Book your rental car, an appointment and come face to face with the incredible predators and their pups.

Sunbury is also renowned for CraigLee Vineyard. The first vines were planted in 1863 and more than a century later, the 10-hectare vineyard was re-established. The family-owned business is known for its award-winning Shiraz and Chardonnay wines. The cella door at CraigLee Vineyard is open to the public on the first Sunday of every month. Spend a lazy Sunday with your buddies at CraigLee Vineyard by driving our rental car.

If you are a nature lover then the Organ Pipes National Park is a must-visit. It is less than 15 minutes away from the town and features a natural amphitheatre. The amphitheatre is known as the organ pipes for its resemblance to a cathedral organ. This natural phenomenon was formed approximately one million years ago after the eruption of Mount Holden. The 70-meter basalt columns form an impressive geological formation. Drive around in our car for hire and marvel at this nature’s beauty.

With car hire in Sunbury, you can explore more places like the historic Rupertswood Mansion, the Goonawarra Golf Club and also discover the tragic reality faced by those incarcerated at the former Sunbury Lunatic Asylum. We offer easy pick-up and drop-off options for all our car hires. We also provide truck rentals in Sunbury. So, now if you are planning to move to Sunbury, don’t worry we provide you with Sunbury Ute hires at comprehensive prices. Connect with us on 03 9744 4466 and get the best deal on Sunbury van rentals and more.

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