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This category of car consists of the stylish Hyundai Elantra sedan. These cars are very comfortable and a joy to drive and will carry more than you think. These cars make an ideal weekend getaway car or are very handy if you need to transport teenagers around as they are quite roomy inside. They are a very practical car and are also good for carrying around that set of golf clubs you may want to bring with you.


Standard Rental Package Includes
  • 200kms per day
  • $5000 excess
  • $500 Bond
Upgrade your Kilometres
  • Upgrade to unlimited kms for just $16.60 per day.
Upgrade your Package

You can purchase extra insurance as follows and your bond will be reduced to $200:

  • Upgrade to 300 kms and excess of $1100 for just $13 per day
  • Upgrade to 400 kms and excess of $1100 for just $23 per day
  • Upgrade to unlimited kms and $385 excess for just $33 per day


0-3 years old
1800cc – 2000cc
7- 8 litres per 100km
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