Great Wall

Great Wall

For cheap ute rental in Melbourne, these late model 1 tonne 2012 Great Wall Utes are perfect. Their tray dimensions are 2.4 metres long by 1.8 metres wide making them a versatile workhorse. They also make a perfect trade vehicle or a very cheap ute hire. They are very popular on weekends so book early if you need one.

Great Wall
Description: 3-8 years old

Transmission: Manual

Engine Size: 2000cc – 2400 cc

Luggage / Max People: Small Lugagex0Big Lugagex0Childx0Adultx2

Fuel Consumption: 10-11 litres per 100km

Standard rental Package Includes

Standard Rental Package Includes

  • 150 kms per day
  • $3300 Excess
  • $500 bond
Upgrade your Kilometres
  • Upgrade to unlimited kms for $44 per day
  • Upgrade to 300Kms per day for $22 per day

Upgrade your Package
  • Upgrade to 200 km's and $1650 Excess for $15 per day
  • Upgrade to 200 km's and $550 Excess for just $30 per day

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