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Gold Coast Airport Car Rental

Gold Coast Airport Car Rental

Affordable and Reliable Car Hire in Gold Coast Airport

Cheaper Car Rentals is a trusted car rental company in Gold Coast, offering reliable and budget-friendly car rentals at Gold Coast airport. We are only 9.4 km (10 minutes) away from the Gold Coast airport and are easily accessible for renting a car with minimum paperwork.

We have over four decades of experience in the car rental business in Gold Coast. We understand the importance of having a reliable car for safe and comfortable travel. With minimum paperwork, we ensure that you get the car of your choice in no time.

When it comes to car hire at Gold Coast Airport, we offer various options. We have a wide range of cars available to meet your travel needs most conveniently.

Why Car Rental at Gold Coast Airport is the Best Option for Commuting?

Whether you are planning a day to explore the Gold Coast or looking to attend multiple business meetings at different locations, cheap car rentals at Gold Coast Airport is a more cost-effective and comfortable option. Gold Coast is a large area; the entire region is spread across 5,000 square kilometres, which includes its 70 kilometres long coastline, 270 kilometres of waterways, and 100,000 world-heritage-listed rainforests. It makes the travel time between each destination longer. Having a car to explore such a large area is better than using other means of transportation.

It’s One of the Most Fun Places in Australia

Many domestic and international travellers have considered Gold Coast as one of the best places they have visited in Australia. It’s located in the Southeast of Queensland and only a short drive away from the capital Brisbane, and it offers plenty of opportunities to have a good time and make memories for a lifetime. Whether you love surfing, partying, or diving, you can never get enough of the city. Some natural attractions in the Gold Coast are Glass House Mountains, Moreton Island, Scenic Rim, and more. You can create a convenient and relaxing itinerary and explore all of them with our cheap car rental in Gold Coast.

Whether you are visiting Gold Coast for a business trip or holiday, we offer cheap car rentals at Gold Coast Airport for budget-friendly travel.

Cars Available for Hire in Gold Coast Airport

Whether you want a seven-seater to travel with a group of people or need a sedan or hatchback to move around the city conveniently, we offer cars on rent of various makes and models. We offer following:

  • Kia Cerato Sport Sedan
  • Mitsubishi Outlander 7-Seater Auto
  • Nissan Serena Hybrid 8-Seater Auto
  • Toyota Corolla SX
  • MG3 AUTO
  • MG ZS Small 4WD
  • Hyundai Imax
  • Kia Rio
  • Nissan Pulsar
  • Hyundai I30 Hatchback and more

Our commercial range for commercial car rentals at Gold Coast Airport includes

  • Fuso Commercial Truck
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Late Van Model – Auto
  • Great Wall

Money Saving Tips When You Opt for Gold Coast Airport Car Rentals

  • Book your rental car in advance
  • Plan your route before you start your journey
  • Know your fuel requirements in advance
  • If you are planning your holiday, select a time when rental prices are lower. Car rental prices in Gold Coast airport are much lower in March compared to November.

Why Choose Us for Cheap Car Rentals in the Gold Coast Airport Area?

Cheaper Car Rentals is one of the most trusted names for Cheap Car Hire across the Gold Coast Airport area. All our cars are well-maintained and serviced by licensed mechanics. Depending on your requirements and budget, We offer roadside assistance with every vehicle to avoid hurdles while travelling long distances.

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You can also get free insurance coverage when you book with us. For car hire across the Gold Coast Airport area, call us on 07 56193241 or click on

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