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Considering car rental at Melbourne airport?

October 14, 2013 / 1186 /

Visiting Melbourne can be actually very convenient if you have a car. A comfy, well maintained car is the most convenient way of getting around Melbourne city. Hiring a car is the best alternative if you are on a short trip to Melbourne.

There are many different types of car rental available at the airport and in the suburbs close by, most of which offer a pick up and drop off service. If you are on a budget you can save money with cheap car rental at Melbourne airport. Selecting the car you want in your budget is the catch. Read below our tips on finding a rental car in your budget.

Checklist you must consider to get cheap car rental at Melbourne airport:

Type of car: Depending on the purpose of the visit and your choice, you can opt for anything from a 20 year old rental car to a brand new rental car. It is important to realise that older model cars will have restrictions on how many kilometres you can do and where you can travel and you must be comfortable with driving an older model car.  Also, do not just choose the cheapest price car if you want a new car. So, firstly go online, find out about the cars, select one, check its pickup facility at the airport and make sure that you actually opt for cheapest car rental at Melbourne airport that suits you.

Early booking: The best way to get the cheapest deal is by booking early especially before public holidays and school holidays. During peak times demand for rental cars is high and there can be a considerable price rise during peak periods. Booking early to get a cheap car rental in Melbourne helps you hire a car at the most cost effective rate.

Rental charges: Check if the payment you make is the best you can do. Also, if there is any discount offers then you can utilise them for reduced car rental charges. Also, if you are a member of any car hire company then check all its current discount offers and go for the most affordable one.

GPS device: Most of the car hire companies offering cheap car rental at Melbourne airport also give free GPS device. You need to check the availability of GPS while you book the car online. This will help you to find directions and exact locations on your trip to Melbourne.

Free baby seat: If you are travelling with the baby then it is a must to have baby seats in the car.

Some car hire service providers will offer discounted or even free baby seats with some car rentals. In order to cut your costs, check if they provide any special discounts like FREE baby seat or not.

Carbon emission check: Check the carbon emission impact of the vehicle you want to book. It is good to choose a vehicle with low carbon emission rate. This will reduce your impact on the environment and help you feel better about cheap car rental at Melbourne airport.

Keeping these points in mind will help you choose the correct vehicle for your trip to Melbourne and help you stick to your budget. Just a little attention to these points can make your journey smoother and fulfilling. So, keep these points at the back of your mind while you hunt for cheap car rental at Melbourne airport.


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