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Streamline Your Operations with a Reliable Commercial Car Hire Service

Cheaper Car Rentals is your ultimate destination for an all-inclusive commercial transportation solution. Our rental services meet your business needs in the most convenient way possible. Whether you require a single van or a commercial truck on rent, we help you find the most suitable transportation option.

Get the Best Value and Reliability with Our Commercial Vehicle Rental Services

Cheaper Car Rentals understands the importance of reliable transportation for a smooth business operation. From moving cargo for your business to relocating home, our fleet of commercial vehicles can provide you with a safe and convenient transportation solution. We offer a range of commercial vehicles on rent, including minivans, transport trucks, and more.

Our Range of Commercial Vehicle Includes

  • Toyota Hilux
  • Toyota Hiace Vans
  • Fuso Commercial Truck

From delivering goods to moving furniture, our commercial trucks are well-maintained to meet your transportation needs. Our vans also have brilliant load capacity, rear and side entry, and cargo barriers to separate you and your passengers, making transportation safe and convenient. Our Hilux tray has a 1-tonne carrying capacity, making it a versatile vehicle for commercial transportation.

Why Choose CCR for Commercial Vehicle Hire

  • Reliable and affordable commercial vehicles 
  • Various options available to meet all commercial transportation requirements and budgets 
  • All our commercial vehicles are well-maintained and serviced by licensed vehicle testers 
  • Free of charge RACV roadside assistance
  • Amazing deals on long-term rentals

Our range of commercial cars come with competitive deals that offer great packages to help you secure the perfect deal. Choose from our vast array of options that cater to your specific needs.

We ensure to make your journey safe and comfortable every time you book a commercial vehicle at CCR.

Cheaper Car Rental the cheaper alternative to travel across Victoria & Gold Coast

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