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Car Rentals for Under 25 Years

May 22, 2019 / 2325 /

As a local Car Rental Service Company in Melbourne, some of the most common queries we hear “Can I rent a car if I am under 25 years? Or “How old must I be to rent a car?” or “ What is a minimum age for car hire? At Cheaper Car Rentals, the answer is, “A person with an age of 21 years and more and have a minimum of two years of experience is eligible to hire a car”.

If you are planning to have a road-trip around Melbourne, Victoria and you are under 25, then no need to worry. Cheaper Car Rentals can be considered as an ideal car hire solution for International and Domestic travellers looking for friendly and transparent Car Rental Services in Melbourne.

Car Hire in Melbourne makes road-trip easy and comfortable to get around while on vacation. But there are few things need to understand while renting a car under 25.

1) What are the requirements for Hire a Car?

All drivers must need a valid driver’s licence. A current acceptable overseas, the Australian or International licence is required from all drivers. Translation documents must be provided where a driver’s licence is not in English. We are happy to rent to a holder of a provisional licence that meets our age requirements and has at least two years driving experience.

2) Is there an additional under 25 rental fee?

Yes, a surcharge of $16.60 per day applies for under 25 drivers.

3) When I rent a car do I have to purchase additional insurance?

At Cheaper Car Rentals no additional insurance is required for your car rental if you are under 25. Vehicle insurance is included on all cars available for rentals and varies depending on whether you are involved in a multi-vehicle accident or a single vehicle accident. Check the terms and conditions that apply to a rental before proceeding with a booking.

4) Think about going local: Instead of going with a large national or international rental company, you may find better rates for young drivers from local car rental service provider.


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