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Get the Best Car Hire Deals in Campbellfield

Cheaper Car Rentals is a car hire and car rental service provider since 1981. An independent Victoria-based company, we pride itself on offering budget-friendly car rental services in Campbellfield. On one hand, we have our Epping store located mere 10kms away from Campbellfield and on the other, our Melbourne Airport store is located 12 km away from this little-known Melbournian suburb.

Campbellfield, the suburb in Melbourne’s north, is filled with ample of attractions. You can immerse yourself in the rich history or find tranquillity in the natural beauty here. Campbellfield is a mix of residential streets, industrial areas and business outlets spread out on either side of Sydney road.

One of the major attractions is the Scots church. Take a drive to the 1842 opened church and also visit the final resting place of first Scottish settlers. You can also visit Victoria’s oldest church, which was built in 1855.

With cheap cars for hire from Cheaper Rental Cars in Campbellfield, you can drive to either edge of the suburb and fall in love with the astonishing outdoor. To the east of Sydney road is Merri Creek Parklands. This creak stretches through the northern suburbs and acts as a preservational site for many native plants and wildlife.

While driving across Sydney roader and on the Broadmeadows is the Jack Roper Reserve. There is a lake located at the heart of the reserve where you will find people often fishing or watching the chirping birds. The place is filled with playground, soccer field, BBQ points and walking trails that connect Moreland and the Western Ring Road bike path.

At Cheaper Car Rentals, we believe that a car hire should be a stress-free experience and therefore we offer you the flexibility of picking up and dropping off our rental cars. All our rental cars are serviced and maintained by licensed vehicle testers and come with RACV roadside assistance free of charge. Get on the line with us on 03 9088 1783 for the best car rental services in Campbellfield.

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