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Baby Seat And Booster Restraints

April 9, 2016 / 900 /

Vicroads Government has made it necessary to have a safety child restraints in the car whenever there is a baby in the car.

For safety purposes, the Victorian Government have made it mandatory to use child seats or booster seats when there is a baby or young child in the car. There are various types of seats available for children of different age groups. It is important to use the right type of child restraints depending on your baby’s size and age. The seats should be properly adjusted and fastened to ensure a safe ride for the child.

Child Restraints in Car Rental

Infants up to the age of six months must be made seated in a rearward facing seat. Children ageing from six months to four years can use either a rear or forward facing child seat that has restraints with extra straps for protection.

However, children over four years and under seven years could use forward facing baby restraints or a booster seat. The type of child restraints also depends on the child’s size.

Cheaper Car Rentals offers tested and approved child seats with added harness. Daily rates starts at $7.70 and are capped at $49 per rental. The seats we have in our cars are convertible and can be used as rearward or forward facing baby seats.

Booster Seats

As the baby grows the child seat no longer fits. This is when booster seats are used so the child is comfortable and safe in the back seat. Daily rates start at $7.70 per booster seat and are capped at $49 per rental.

Hatchbacks and other small size cars are not recommended while you are travelling with a baby. Larger cars give the required space for the luggage and the baby seat.

Before driving away in your rental car please check if the seat is correctly fitted or not. In order to ensure the child’s safety, visit the Vicroads website to know more about which seat is more appropriate for your baby.


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