8 seater car current src 1


0 - 3 years old
10 - 11 litres per 100km
X3 X3
X4 X4
2000cc – 2400 cc

This category of car consists of the incredibly roomy Hyundai Imax. If you have a group to carry, then these cars will carry 8 people and their luggage easily. The Hyundai Imax has some a larger cargo area than the Tarago and are very comfortable for those long road trips. Stylish to look at and practical in design, these cars are one of the largest 8 seater vans on the market.


Standard Rental Package Includes
  • 200 kms per day
  • $5000 excess
  • $500 Bond
Upgrade your Kilometres
  • Upgrade to unlimited kms in Victoria for just $16.60 per day.
Upgrade your Package

You can purchase extra insurance as follows and your bond will be reduced to $200:

  • Upgrade to 300 km’s and excess of $2200 for just $13 per day
  • Upgrade to 400 km’s and excess of $1100 for just $23 per day
  • Upgrade to unlimited kms and $385 Excess for just $33 per day

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